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Coolant PSI Gauge

6.7L BOE Kit       $ 135.00              

Standard BOE        $ 325.00                

Heavy-duty BOE    $ 345.00                

Severe-duty BOE   $ 395.00                

Premium BOE Kit      $ 485.00                

Cab Heater Bypass   $ 00.00                 
Stainless Steel                               
Coolant PSI Gauge   $ 55.00                 
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Blow Out Eliminator
Prevent freeze plugs from blowing out due to
excessive water jacket pressure and high
combustion chamber temperature heat flash.

Simple installation   Trackside adjustment
5.9L or 6.7L Cummins BOE Kit
6.7L BOE
$ 135.00
6.7L BOE
BOE fits twin turbos
Freeze plug blow-out eliminator kits prevent potentially catastrophic engine damage and expensive,
unplanned CTD maintenance by managing high-temp overpressure in the engine's water jacket.
The 2-stage BOE uses a combination stainless arming valve/cab heater bypass and a pair of high-flow
calibrated pressure release valves which easily adjust to the requirements of the engine and driver.

During an overpressure event, coolant is cycled through the primary RV from the rear water jacket to the
suction side of the pump, where it continues cooling the engine, while the secondary RV purges coolant
to the recovery tank and provides overpressure event notification to the driver via a liquid sensor circuit.

The economical single-stage 6.7L BOE is perfect for de-badged BlueTec trucks without EGR coolers!

Engineered from lightweight, non-ferrous materials for a lifetime of reliability & great looks,  BOE Kits
ship assembled & clocked for easy installation with shielded stainless steel clamps & sensor switch.
Adds 2 quarts cooling system capacity.
Choose standard black hose, 2-layer red hose, or high-temperature silicone severe-duty blue hose.

Premium kit comes with remote valve actuator, in-cab arming switch, warning light and alarm.
$ 55.00
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