24V - 0 ports                     $ 275.00                        HPCR - 0 ports                     $ 275.00
24V - 1 ports                     $ 285.00                        HPCR - 1 ports                     $ 285.00
24V - 2 ports                     $ 295.00                        HPCR - 2 ports                     $ 295.00
24V - 3 ports                     $ 305.00                        HPCR - 3 ports                     $ 305.00
24V - 4 ports                     $ 315.00                        HPCR - 4 ports                     $ 315.00
24V - 5 ports                     $ 330.00                        HPCR - 5 ports                     $ 330.00
24V - 6 ports                     $ 345.00                        HPCR - 6 ports                     $ 345.00
24V - 7 ports                     $ 365.00                        HPCR - 7 ports                     $ 365.00
24V - 8 ports                     $ 385.00                        HPCR - 8 ports                     $ 385.00
Integral Heater Grid Delete Block option adds $ 45.00
Stock filter-minder
Super BHAF - 3rd Gen
12 Step Program
20 Questions
Stainless Steel Cowl Induction Screen
Super BHAF
$ 395.00                    

SS Cowl Induction:
$ 125.00
903.652.4640     LazarSmith     8231 US Hwy 271 South    Pattonville, TX     75468

Boost Piping

Hot Pipes

Flow Porting

304SS Stacks

Intake Horns



Waste Gates
This huge air filter system is the most powerful and efficient design that fits within the 5.9L Cummins CR engine bay.
Super BHAF's 304SS TIG-welded construction keeps it looking great underhood for millions of low-maintenance miles.
Using the stock filter-minder, IAT sensor & FleetGuard quality air filters, you can have the best in high-performance air
filtration without the inconvenience of expensive, oily aftermarket filters.    Easily removed for underhood maintenance.
Quick-release SS Cowl Induction ducts cool, high-pressure outside air from the cowl plenum into the rear of the
Super BHAF for the ultimate in smoke-clearing airflow potential! Includes SS screen, hardware & quick-release latch.
Please specify size & position
of threaded SS port bosses.
Please specify satin
finish or powder coat
Grid Heater Delete Block

UHMW spacer thermally isolates the intake horn from engine heat
to reduce heat soak, while replacing the OEM grid heater block's
flow-restrictive heating elements to also increase engine output.

Available at extra charge with tapped ports up to 1/2" NPT and
in taller heights - ideal for body lifts.  Please call for pricing.

Aluminum grid heater delete block                                  
Ordering Information
When you checkout, please specify size & location of every TIG-welded external-bung SS threaded port.
Port positions: inlet(F & R), center(F & R) and outlet(F & R)
 2 ports available in all 6 areas (12 ports max).

Ordering Example:     HPCR - 5 ports: (1/8 outlet front) (1/8 outlet rear) (2 x 3/8 center rear) (1/4 inlet rear):
This intake horn has 2 boost reference ports next to the head, 2 central water/meth ports, & a nitrous bung in the inlet.

SS Intake Horns are also available with an integral UHMW-PE Grid Heater Delete Block for dyno-proven
superior breathing while thermally insulating the airhorn to avoid heat soak and maintain cooler charge air.
A radius outlet reduces turbulence & improves airflow by matching the cylinder head's cast intake plenum.
Optionally available with tapped ports (ideal for NO2 injection, boost & temp monitoring) & taller heights for body lifts.
304 Stainless Steel Intake Horn
Engineered to outlast your Cummins, this high-flow air intake replaces the restrictive OEM casting to improve breathing
over the engine's RPM range for more torque under the curve & maximum HP by reducing turbo lag & airflow restriction.
The circular cross-section uses constant-radius turns and smooth transitions for excellent laminar flow characteristics.

From the bead-locking inlet to the thermal-barrier outlet flange, features such as multiple SS port options (size, number
and position), standard dipstick mounting tabs, black oxide metric mounting bolts (2nd Gen only), all 304SS construction
& choice of finishes (satin shown, or powder coated in your color) make it an unbeatable combination of form & function!
Ceramic coated single or dual exhaust stacks!
Choose any size with/ without internal mufflers &
external heat shields - silver or black thermal coat.
w/ integral heater
grid delete block
w/ integral heater
grid delete block
Super BHAF
Cowl Induction
OEM Filter Minder & IAT
304 SS Cowl Screen
$ 395.00
$ 125.00
Super BHAF dry air filtration system supplies
enough Cummins-spec air to support over
1000 HP & almost 2000 ft-lbs of torque!
12V Intake Horn
We design and fabricate air/water heat exchanger systems to lower charge-air temperature
between compressor stages - reduces expansion boost and increases the amount of cool air
available to feed high-HP forced-induction engines for maximum power and lower EGTs.
Quality Construction
$ 65.00 - 2"
$ 95.00 - 3"
$ 50.00
Intake Horn w/delete block
Air Intakes
304SS Charge-air Piping
4" Inlet/Outlet
High-flow NPT
Coolant Ports
TIG-welded aluminum construction
Flows over 150lbs/min of air at less
than 1psi pressure drop. Cools
enough primary boost for well over
1000 RWHP on a turbodiesel.
$  595.00
Intercooler Mounting Kit

Includes powder coated steel base plate with 304SS
support, fender brackets & stainless steel hardware.

Fits both 2nd & 3rd Gen 4WD HD Rams
Intercooler Plumbing Kits

Basic kit ships with 304SS fittings, brass hose
barbs, shielded SS clamps & circulation pump.
(Requires additional heat exchanger for coolant)
$ 195.00               with IC   $ 785.00               

Towing kit also includes a 6-pass air/liquid
radiator with mounting hardware, 10' coolant
hose, pump harness with relay and switch.
$ 375.00               with IC   $ 965.00               

Street/Strip kit adds: nickel ball valve, high-flow
304SS fittings & hose barbs, 40' coolant hose
with shielded SS clamps & safe arming switch.
(Requires coolant holding tank as heat sink)
$ 535.00               with IC  $ 1125.00             

Competition kit also adds: pump indicator light,
high capacity baffled 304SS coolant tank with
oversize loading door, screened outlet(s) and
breather vent, ball lever shutoff and drain valve.

Ideal for cooling pressurized charge air below
ambient temperature with refrigerated coolant.
Please call for tank sizes & pricing.
$  115.00
Base plate w/ SS brace
Coolant heat exchanger
Billet Aluminum Boot Limiters
Keep intake tract boots from blowing off under
boost - eliminates the need for beaded joints.
Perfect for reliability and clean installations.
Priced per connection

3"       $ 75.00            
3.5"     $ 85.00            
4"       $ 95.00            
Turbocharger Upgrades
Ultimate Turbochargers
Our modifications will maximize your
turbocharger's performance!

Full-flow porting from foot to flange.
Wastegate linkage geometry optimized.
Radiused compressor MWE entry.
External parting lines ground & blended.
Stainless steel SAE or metric hardware.
Wastegate port(s) diameter enlarged.
Reflective-coated compressor housing.
Ceramic thermal barrier - inside & out.
CHRA cleaned, decoked and lubricated.
Wastegate puck opening angle increased.
All brackets ceramic or powder coated.
Compressor housing threaded for sensors.
Power Bulge wastegate cover installed.
CHRA journal & thrust bearings replaced.
(Rebuild parts must be purchased)
Power Bulge
Lazar     Gate
Divided 304SS Flanges
Custom Hot Pipes
Angle of Opening
WG Exhaust Area
WG Port Area
Larger gates
Housing enlarged
Ported & polished
internal passages
Beveled MWE Entry
Port Matched
2200*F ceramic coat
304SS Bung
Port-matched & polished
compressor housing
Hi-temp thermal
barrier inside & out
Full-throw linkage
2200*F ceramic
thermal barrier
Ground housing
Maximum Turbocharging
Turbocharger Upgrades

Our modifications are designed to maximize the quality and quantity of intake air and exhaust gas flow
through any turbocharger using efficient thermal management techniques & proven flow enhancements.

Wastegate bores & internal housings are enlarged and puck opening angles increased to relieve
as well as pressure - very important for forced induction, over-fueled or nitrous-equipped vehicles.
All hot-side thermal barrier coating is a high-temperature 2200*F black ceramic proven to both withstand
extreme abuse and reduce heat transfer by 15% - besides increasing the parts' durability, the thermal
barrier increases the amount of exhaust gas energy (drive horsepower) available for the turbines.

Non-wastegated turbocharger, complete (specify powder coat)        
$ 385.00                                      
Turbine housing only: 2200*F black ceramic thermal barrier                                                     
$ 225.00
Compressor housing only: specify powder coat color & tapping                                               $ 140.00

Turbocharger - internal wastegate, complete (specify powder coat)   $ 465.00                                      
Turbine & WG housing only: 2200*F black ceramic thermal barrier                                           
$ 285.00
Compressor housing only: specify powder coat color & tapping                                               $ 120.00

Internal twin-gated turbocharger, complete (specify powder coat)      $ 555.00                                       
Turbine & WG housing only: 2200*F black ceramic thermal barrier                                           
$ 365.00
Compressor housing only: specify powder coat color & tapping                                               $ 120.00

Compound Turbochargers (Twin sets) - don't forget to send the hot pipe for port matching!
Non-gated primary, secondary with single internal wastegate          
$ 895.00                              
Non-gated primary, secondary with twin internal wastegates          
$ 985.00                             

All applicable modifications and improvements as specified and pictured above will be performed.     F.O.B. 75021
T3    $ 60.00

T4    $ 70.00

T6    $ 90.00

Stainless steel metric locking hardware with
high-temp anti-seize applied to all chased
threads. Housing seams ground and
blended prior to high-performance coating.  
Powder coated compressor brackets.
Spools Faster
Less Heat Soak
Cooler Boost
Spools Harder
Increased TBO
$  135.00
Heavy Duty 6-pass
Powder Coated
Use this section
to purchase your
special orders &
custom options.

$ 1.00 increments
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