Tow-hook Xtenders

Xtenders mount the factory heavy-duty tow-hooks 4"
further out to prevent scratches & dings in the truck's
front end when using chains, hooks, cables or straps.

Xtenders' sturdy steel construction make a great step
to stand on for detailing your truck or while wrenching
under the hood, and provide a convenient, easy to
grab handhold when working underneath your rig.

Ships with SS hardware to mount factory tow hooks -
use OEM  bolts to install Xtenders to frame brackets.

Coated in your choice of color - gloss black standard.
$ 95.00 per pair                      Custom sizes available.
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12 Step Program
LineLok Kits

12V DC multi-port SS solenoid with billet aluminum anodized heat sink & mounting bracket with hardware,
brake line, safety arming switch, WOT switch, warning lamp, cross-link wire & electrical connectors and
brass & 304SS brake system pressure fittings (installation requires opening service brake hydraulic circuit).
Fits 2nd & 3rd Gen Dodge Rams - custom kits available to fit any truck.     
LineLok Kit     $ 185.00  

contacts & stainless steel piston and all required brake fittings - ideal for driving electrical circuits such as
nitrous or water/methanol stages, converter lockup, fuel delays or ECM timing boxes for drag racing use.
Hydraulic Pressure Switch Kit     $ 125.00                        LineLok Kit w/ Pressure Switch     $ 305.00

Brake Pressure Gauge   Fine-tune pedal position with LineLok for better reaction times!  $ 45.00             
Semi-gloss black standard
2005 Ram Xtenders
SS mounting hardware standard
Now Available!

Bumper Steps
3rd Gen as pictured

$ 195.00

2nd Gen step slips
into receiver hitch
cross tube

$ 185.00



Side Steps make it easy and safe to enter and exit your truck - ideal for women & children!

Generous tread height with a lower 1st step eliminates half-steps common to other products.
Aluminum tread with heavy-duty powder coated steel brackets guarantee a lifetime of use.
Stainless steel countersunk tread plate bolts & Grade 8 frame-mounting hardware.

Custom width (6" - 18")
Side Steps available in color powder coating to accent your truck.

Excellent place to sit while wrenching inside the cab, or to stand on for wash & wax duty.
(The Ladies love these!)
Bumper Step
Great for stepping onto bumper, or reaching over tailgate.
Side Steps

$ 295.00 per pair      $ 570.00 per set of four.

Bumper Steps

$ 225.00 per pair      $ 195.00 w/ side steps.

Custom drop height and extension available.
Large drop for easier access!
Side Steps
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to purchase your
special orders &
custom options.

$ 1.00 increments
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Kustom Xtenders

Fabricated just for your truck in any
length for any bumper in many colors.

     $ 135.00 per pair               

$ 145.00 per pair               

$ 155.00 per pair               

$ 165.00 per pair               

$ 175.00 per pair               

$ 185.00 per pair               
$ 95.00
2nd Gen LineLok Kit          $ 185.00              
3rd Gen LineLok Kit          $ 185.00              
2G LineLok & Pressure Switch    $ 305.00                 
3G LineLok & Pressure Switch     $ 305.00                
Crankcase Evacuation System
Crankcase evacuation system is designed to work with stock or modified turbodiesel engines.

By creating a vacuum inside the block, piston ring seal is improved - reducing intake charge
contamination and resulting in typical power increases averaging 5% of flywheel horsepower.
Since air turbulence within the engine's crankcase is minimized, oil whipping (or aeration) and
it's power-robbing viscous drag on the crankshaft's reciprocating assembly is also reduced.

CES prevents cylinder blow-by, stops gaskets from leaking and reduces oil consumption
while extending the useful service life of piston rings, cylinder walls & valve stem seals.
Eliminates parasitic high-friction gapless ring packages in high-performance turbodiesels.

CES Kit ships with high-CFM low-RPM vacuum pump, timing belt & pulleys, AN fittings and
heavy-duty hose, 304SS mounting brackets, adjustable vacuum breaker, aluminum oil separator
tank with filtered breather & oil drain, metric & Gr8 hardware, 304SS fittings & insulated clamps.
24V CES     $ 995.00                                   HPCR CES     $ 995.00               
Bumper Steps
$ 195.00
TIG-welded heavy-duty steel in your
choice of powder coat color.
304 sS Radiator Fan Shroud
Stainless Steel mounting hardware!
$ 145.00
304SS Lazar Lunette

Fits 2" receiver tubes * 3" ID ring * 80K lb pull-out rating * powder coated
2 positions F-R
* 8 vertical positions * change height or length in seconds
$ 545.00
Custom lunette sizes available - call for pricing.
TIG-welded stainless steel construction.
Powder-coated steel Lazar Lunette

3" Ring                3.5" Ring
$ 345.00
$ 595.00
$ 95.00
3.5" ID
3.5" ID
304 SS
Now available with 3.5" Lunettes!
$ 395.00
Driveline Shields
5Modular design allows easy universal application - fits popular driveline components.
Engineered to meet ORGs' current tech rule safety specifications for all classes.

Bolt-on installation (no welding required) & large adjustment range (3-axis clocking) makes
swapping or updating safety gear from one truck to another simple & convenient - no more
expensive shields, restraints, cages & loops custom fabricated for each vehicle.

All parts available as individual components, kits or packages.
Gloss red powder coat standard - other colors available on request (custom orders may cost more).

8" ID x 8"L U-Joint Shield    $ 285.00                  6" ID x 6"L U-Joint Shield    $ 255.00           

Differential Mount 8" Shield
$ 165.00                  Differential Mount 6" Shield $ 155.00            
8" Shield & Differential Kit   
$ 435.00                  6" Shield & Differential Kit   $ 395.00             

Tranny Mount 8" Shield        $ 245.00                  T-Case Mount 6" Shield       $ 125.00              
8" Shield & Tranny Kit         $ 525.00                  6" Shield & T-Case Kit         $ 365.00             

Center Joint Mount 8"         $ 185.00                  8" Shield & CJ Kit                 $ 455.00              
Carrier Bearing Cage 8"       $ 145.00                  8" Shield, CJ & CB Cage Kit $ 595.00              

Driveshaft Restraint Loop    $ 95.00                    Shaft Loop Rail Mount         $ 85.00               
1-PC Shaft Loop & Rail Kit   $ 265.00                  2-PC Shaft Loop & Rail Kit   $ 425.00             

1-PC Rear Shaft Kit (2-8" Shields; Differential & Tranny Mount; 2 Loops and Rail)    $ 1365.00             
2-PC Shaft Kit (3-8" Shields; Diff, CJ & Tranny Mount; CB Cage; 3 Loops & 2 Rails) $ 2195.00             
Front Driveshaft Kit (2-6" Shields; Diff & T-Case Mount; Loop & Rail)                    $ 985.00              

Front & Rear 1-PC Shaft Complete Driveline Kit                                          $ 2250.00            
Front & Rear 2-PC Shaft Complete Driveline Kit                                          $ 2995.00            

Don't see what you need?   Call us - chances are we're working on it.   Custom inquires welcome!
8" U-Joint Shield
Swing-away access
8" Diff Kit
6" Diff Kit
Tranny Kit
Carrier Bearing
Center Joint Kit
Mid-shaft Kit
Driveshaft Loop
Loop Rail
Loop & Rail Kit