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! Lazar Lites !
3rd Gen at night
3rd Gen - No Flash!
2nd Gen mount
3rd Gen mount
3rd Gen through grill
2nd Gen
High Idle Box

2nd Gen
2WD LO  Kit
2nd Gen at night
Lazar Lites

Mount a pair of powerful driving lights on the underside of the hood to keep them out of sight
(& out of the way) with enough lateral separation to prevent working in your own shadow.

Installs easily with basic hand tools - wiring circuit runs are made through hood bracing for the
Do It Yourself Kit, while the Plug & Play Kit allows you to simply snap the completed wire
harness into the hood's factory holes and connect the WeatherPak plugs into their sockets.

DIY Kit:     2 halogen bulbs with WeatherPak plugs & sockets, SS304 clamp discs & SS self-tapping hex screws, under hood
toggle switch, automotive cross-link wire, self-sealing HydraLink connectors and all necessary wire terminations.

$ 95.00                       Auto Lites   $ 110.00                       TripLites   $ 125.00                       AutoTripLites   $ 140.00                  

P & P Kit:   prefabricated DIY Kit + WeatherPak connectors, flex conduit, snap-in mounts and pre-terminated wiring harness.

$165.00                      Auto Lites   $ 180.00                       TripLites   $ 195.00                      Auto TripLites   $ 210.00                   

P&P Lites
Prefabricated wiring harness installs in minutes using WeatherPaks - flex conduit snaps into factory hood holes.

Auto Lites option adds $ 15.00                 TripLites option (3rd bulb) adds $ 30.00

Auto Lites have an arming switch so your Lazar Lites turn on automatically when you open the hood!
Trip Lites add a 3rd bulb for 50% more lumens - cheap sunglasses may be required.
3rd Gen - No Flash
Lazar Lites
P&P Lazar Lites
Stop working in the dark!  Show off your "parts" - anytime... anywhere!

Powered by the factory wiring harness, Lazar Lites' multiple overhead lamps illuminate the engine bay
with up to 3000 shadow-free lumens for high-visibility maintenance or bragging rights on cruise night.
Available in DIY Kits or Plug & Play Packages
903.652.4640     LazarSmith     8231 US Highway 271  South   Pattonville, TX     75468
TripLites - No Flash
!Lazar Lites!
$ 95.00
$ 165.00
$ 165.00
Lazar Lites turn night into day!
2nd Gen No Flash
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