12 Step Program
Swaybar drop mount
High-performance trackbar bushing
Offset trackbar bushing retrofit
Pre-Assembled Track Bar Kit

Attention Wallet Mechanics!
Common Rail track bar kit ships assembled
with zero-deflection bushings machined for the
correct ride height, Ultimate Hardware and
304SS grease fittings in both bar ends.

Forged OEM bars have all seams ground
before color coating (gloss black standard)

Specify front end lift or leveled ride height.
Zero-deflection Track Bar Bushings
Save money & help avoid Death Wobble!
Replace soft factory rubber, center front axle
under frame and improve steering response.
Use our
Ultimate Track Bar Hardware
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Steering & Suspension
Improve your truck's ride & handling.
Enjoy driving with less downtime!
Use this section
to purchase your
special orders &
custom options.

$ 1.00 increments
Enter total $$$ in
the quantity box.

Complete Track Bar
Endlink Bushings
Please specify
total lift (if any)
when ordering.

2nd Gen fits 1994-2002

Common Rail fits 2003-UP
2007 - provide OEM bolt
(18mm or 21mm head) &
bushing size (~1.5" or
~1.75" diameter body)
2nd Gen SSSSS
This combination sector shaft brace & sway bar drop bracket mounts the Pitman arm in double shear
(isolating it from lateral loading) to help prevent death wobble and steering gearbox wear, correct sway
bar end link geometry, improve transient steering response & reduce low-speed steering wheel effort.
Ships with Gr8 hardware, sector shaft extension, nickel-plated 4-bolt flange bearing & splash shield.
HD bearing & optional urethane sway bar bushings have grease fittings for long life & quiet operation.
Easily installs in less than an hour with basic hand tools.   Gloss black standard (custom color available).
Sway bar end links exceed 15K # load rating each!

Designed for abuse with zero-maintenance SS ball.
Teflon-lined CrMo heims mount with Gr8 locking
hardware to color coated steel axle brackets.

Ships with 304 SS studs & locking nuts and HD
high-durometer urethane sway bar bushings.

Over 1" of length adjustment - also available
in custom lengths at no extra charge.
3rd Gen
2nd Gen
Lazar Links
Rear Sway Bar
$ 155.00
$ 175.00
$ 185.00
Lazar Beams
Lightweight, super-strong control arms for any ride height keep the front axle centered in the wheel wells for
better handling & less oversized tire rub. Rectangular cross section is 2X larger than the 3rd Gen OEM arms.
TIG-welded with 304SS bushing shells, weight-reducing sleeve stiffeners & polished end caps.
Control arms stay looking great with 304SS tire rub skid plates (not shown) to protect the color coat finish.
Zero-deflection bushings & full-shoulder Gr8 hardware combine with beam-like rigidity for excellent handling!
Lazar Beams fabricated from color coated steel available in any length from OEM up in 1/2" increments.
Bushing cores are easily replaced to change C-C length from 1/2" shorter to 1/2" longer in 1/4" increments.
$ 455.00
Skidpad G's
+ .81
$ 95.00
Zero-deflection Track Bar Bushings
$ 50.00
2nd Gen
3rd Gen
Ultimate Track Bar Hardware
Eliminate track bar clunking permanently!
Direct replacement oversized Gr8 fine-thread bolts with correct shoulder length use Gr8 304SS
flag nuts to clamp HD hardened lock washers onto OEM brackets to cure worn out bolt holes.
$ 35.00
$ 55.00
2nd Gen 1994 - 2002
2003 - UP
2nd Gen Kit 1994 - 2002
$ 80.00
2003 - UP Kit
$ 145.00
$ 25.00
3rd Gen
Track Bar
Conversion Bracket

Upgrade your 2nd Gen truck to
Common Rail quality track bar design!

Ships with L9 main bolt and Gr 8
hardware, including correct shoulder
length fine-thread track bar bolt & Gr8
high-hex 304SS flag nut, split-ring lock
washers & 304SS toothed washers.

All TIG-welded construction.

Available in your choice of
gloss red or black color.

Fits trucks with snow plow brackets.

Installation requires drilling ball-stud frame
lug's 3/4" taper bore to 3/4" straight bore.
$ 175.00
$ 385.00
2nd Gen Track Bar Conversion
Conversion Bracket
2nd to Common Rail
2nd - 3rd Gen Track Bar Conversion Kits

Ships w/ complete 2nd Gen - CR Conversion Bracket & Track Bar contents as listed above.
Includes track bar, bushings and ultimate hardware, conversion bracket and hardware.

2nd Gen bar (large hump)                         3rd Gen bar (small hump)                    

Specify ride height change from suspension alterations or weight loading (gloss black color coat std.)
3rd Gen SSSSS
Sector Shaft Steer Sway Stabilizer
$ 255.00
$ 255.00
Sector Shaft Steer Sway Stabilizer
! non-alignment
after lift or leveling.
Urethane Sway Bar Bushings
Note: some heim end hardware not shown.
3rd Gen Adjustable
4-position 4WD Ram control arms quickly
adjust from OEM, +1/2", +1", +1.5" lengths.
Now featuring high-durometer bushings
for better ride quality, NVH & performance.
Set of 4
$ 1485.00
$ 75.00
$ 85.00
Sway Bar Drop Blocks
2" Drop
3" Drop
Please specify 2nd or 3rd Gen, and custom length if required.
$ 855.00
1 Pair
$ 465.00
Ships with stainless steel indexing pins to positively locate bushing within track bar end housing
Track bar bolts require a minimum of 153ft-lbs
of installation torque.
2nd Gen track bar ships assembled with zero-deflection offset bushings and Ultimate Hardware.
Track bar retrofit maintains OEM "hump" to clear differential covers on lifted trucks.
Forged OEM bars have all seams & blemishes ground smooth before gloss black color coating.
Available in any length - please specify front end lift or leveled ride height.
$ 495.00
Heavy Duty Frame Brackets
w/ Frame Mounts
$ 285.00
w/ Frame Mounts
$ 285.00
Specify total lift of vehicle when ordering.
w/ Frame Mounts & HD Brackets
$ 335.00
w/ Frame Mounts & HD Brackets
$ 335.00
Urethane Sway Bar Bushings
Heavy Duty Frame Brackets
$ 45.00
$ 75.00
$ 115.00
$ 20.00
Zero-deflection Track Bar Bushing & Hardware Kit